Data and research are two of the most important elements of a successful advertising campaigns. What sets Colonial Marketing Group apart from our competition is our commitment to subscribing to the latest data and research so we know our clients are reaching their potential customers in the right places. One of the resources we pull this data from is Scarborough. Scarborough is a 3rd party company that we subscribe to in order to pull qualitative research so our clients know who their target customer is and how to reach them.

For example, if you are a car dealer and looking to find out who in Wilmington, NC is shopping for new cars, we can pull a profile report specific to Wilmington car shoppers. The report will detail people locally, as surveyed by Scarborough, who are looking to buy a car, detailing the sex, age level, income level, level of education and much more.   We can then take that report and use that do develop a marketing profile. Once we determine the target customer, we can find out what tv stations they are watching, what radio stations they listen to, what print pieces they read, just to start. How this helps you as a client, is that instead of guessing or using national data to fit your unique local market, we can pull a customized, local report for you that is specific to your industry or your business. Once we have that data, we are able to better strategize how to invest your marketing budget.

Many of our clients are overwhelmed with all of the marketing options available and their leading questions are “Where do I advertise?” and “How do I know I am reaching the right people?”. With the data we subscribe to and offer our clients, we are able to take the guessing out of their marketing planning and give them the confidence that they are investing their money in the right outlets.